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 Champion Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company, located in the heart of Kensington, Maryland. We have been in business since 2010. 

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We take great pride in providing our customers with straight forward pricing and sharing our knowledge.  Our story started when Gus was working for a plumbing company in Hyattsville, Maryland.  The damage went through the roof down to the floor known as a crack on the stack. No plumbing was able to be used by the homeowner. Gus needed to call into the office for pricing, Once price was quoted the customer went into tears about the high cost, the company Gus worked for sent out a salesman to see if she qualified for financing but due to her low income she was denied.  The salesman shook her hand and told Gus "what a waste of time."

That same day Gus quit working for that company,  shocked by how that business treated their customer. Gus called his friend Chuck (who worked at a different plumbing company) and that same night they both worked 13 hours digging up the rotted line and replacing  it with PVC tubing, back fill and concrete. They both understood how important plumbing is to the elderly.   Gus having been raised by grandparents took care of the situation at NO CHARGE.  That night both the client and Gus gained from the unfortunate situation.   That client gave Gus  something even better than money,  the impetus to 'go out on his own,'  and start his own company with a focus on customer service.

" There is no better reward than making a difference in someone's life. " 

- Gus 

"It is my job as your trusted service provider to explain situations and help explore options to  get issues properly resolved.  I am proud to be a plumber- more importantly, to be your plumber.​" - Chuck 

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