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Drain Surgery

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Try a plunger first.

And when that doesn't work,  call Champion Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, serving Kensington, Rockville, Potomac... and Beyond...

We have NEVER failed yet to open a drain.  No matter how clogged. 

No matter the cause.

Our techs have snakes that will reach to the street.  

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Pipe Cleaning

Avoid Drano & Caustic Sodas & Lye. Please.

 In 35+ years we have never met a homeowner who claimed  to have successfully opened a drain with this stuff.

We have, however, seen more than a few drain pipes with holes eaten out of the bottom.

Also the tiniest splash WILL eat a hole in your clothes.  And your eyeballs.

Besides which, the plumber who ultimately cleans your drain will not appreciate the caustic chemicals.

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Video Inspection

 Do you have recurring drain or sewer problems? Are you still getting clogs even after cleaning out your drains? There is probably some damage in your pipes that a normal cleaning can’t solve. 

Video pipe technology is noninvasive. This means there is no need for excavation or digging.

A camera attached to a cable is simply inserted into the drain and maneuvered through the pipe; the flexible cable can easily  go around pipe bends, allowing us full access to your drain and sewer lines.

Using a monitor specially designed for this work, we can receive real-time footage from the camera as it moves down the line.  Champion will know exactly what the problem is, and more importantly, exactly where it is.